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I have been a victim of domestic violence. I was married eight years. I have three beautiful children who are 7, 5 and 2 years old. My ex-husband had a one point hit my daughter so hard in the head that after an assessment she needed to participate in speech therapy.

I had been broken down and humiliated to the point that I had no joy left.

He violated the restraining order against him and even though we were divorced and no longer married, he kidnapped us and raped me. He told me that he did not care about the court orders or custody orders. He threatened to kill me.

I needed a change in my life. I needed a new start. I needed a safe place that was different than any other shelter, a place that understood and specialized in security.

I want to thank Family Renewal Shelter for all their help, their love, hugs and talk. For taking me in even though they were remodeling the kitchen. For providing for my needs. For showing me how to love myself and find joy with the Bible Study, coffee, massage, bubble baths and foot and nail treatments that the house manager provided. We watched inspiring movies. And thank you for the amazing gift of the car when we were ready to relocate!