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Family Renewal Shelter
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24-hour crisis line:
(253) 475-9010
National 24-hour crisis line:
Fax number:
(253) 475-0848

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Stacy's Story:

To Family Renewal Shelter,
I am writing a letter of appreciation for your organization. Family Renewal Shelter has provided me, above and beyond, with services needed to keep my child and myself safe. If it weren’t for your dedication to abused women and children, I would not be where I am in life today. Your shelter was the only place I could go. You provided me with a safe house to live in. Family Renewal Shelter was there for me when I couldn’t get help from anyone. By the time I left the FBI was involved in my case. It is because of Family Renewal Shelter that I have my child and we are alive.

My child was five months old when I entered the shelter. Thankfully, you had every possible accessory that was necessary for a child. It was like being at home. The workers felt like family. During this extremely difficult period of my life, you helped me to feel loved and safe. Which was something that I needed desperately at that time.

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