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My name is Lexi. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My three children and I have traveled 4,000 miles to get away from an abuser who has found us in the past because of his ability to access government files due to his job. Finding people to help us has been hard. We believe God took our broken hearts and spirits and placed them in the welcoming hands of the people at Family Renewal Shelter. You greeted us with open arms, warm beds, food to eat and everything we needed to feel at home. It's been many years since we felt someone truly wanted us to succeed in our quest for freedom from violence. My three children have becomecalm and secure, not afraid any more, knowing we're going to be okay. The staff at FRS has spent a lot of time taking us to important meetings, medical appointments, court and praying with us. You even took time to write and mail a special "letter" to my young son who was longing to get mail.