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Family Renewal Shelter
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24-hour crisis line:
(253) 475-9010
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Fax number:
(253) 475-0848

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Teresa's Story:

"I was asked today what I know about faith. I said; "Faith is leaving everyone you love, all your possessions and going to a place you know nothing about, all alone, simply because something inside of you knows it's the right thing to do." That's what I did coming to Family Renewal Shelter. To me that is faith. That same faith is reuniting me with my children, taking me to my next step and again to the unknown. There was a time when I would never have had the courage to utilize such "faith." I still don't. I know its God who has given me such courage. I would simply like to thank you for participating in leading me to the Lord. Thank you for giving me shelter, a safe place, love and support.