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Domestic Violence and abuse cuts ac ross all social, economic, racial, religious, and age barriers. The traditional concept of the "battered wife" doesn't take into account the many other abuse victims in our community. Domestic abuse is very confusing to its victims. The following list can be helpful in identifying possible abuse.


  1. Is she secretive about the relationship with her boyfriend or husband?
  2. Does she live in fear of her boyfriend or husband?
  3. Does she have unexplained or frequent injuries?
  4. Does her description of her relationship just not ring true?
  5. Is she often sick or depressed?
  6. Does she express fear of her boyfriend's or husband's anger?
  7. Is she afraid of others finding out about the problems in the relationship?
  8. Is she afraid to be late getting home?
  9. Does she believe it is her responsibility to hold the relationship together, no matter what he does?
  10. Does she describe all their problems as being her fault?
  11. Does she blame herself for his problems and abuse of her?
  12. Is she isolated from friends, family, social life, education, work or church?
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