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Jennifer's Story:

Jennifer came to our shelter directly from the emergency room of a local hospital. The previous evening her husband had repeatedly kicked her and knocked her to the floor of their apartment. The assault lasted for over four hours. Jennifer was seven months pregnant, had a broken tailbone and was badly bruised over a large portion of her body.
After a week in our safe house Jennifer went into premature labor. Thirty-six hours later she delivered a stillborn baby boy. An autopsy was performed by the hospital pathologist on this little boy and it was determined that he had died as a result of injuries brought on by the beating his mother suffered.

Jennifer's nightmares of the assault and stillbirth of her baby haunted her for months. Almost constant physical pain plagued her. Yesterday we received a package of pictures of her country and a card and letter full of rejoicing and thankfulness for the future God has now given her. "I was counting my blessings and thinking of you. I thank God everyday for bringing you all into my life. Each day (since meeting you all) has gotten better and better and it all started with your love. Thank you for your love, support, friendship and teachings.   

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