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Family Renewal Shelter
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24-hour crisis line:
(253) 475-9010
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Fax number:
(253) 475-0848

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Jackies Story:

After fleeing several states, this woman and her 3 pre-teen and teenage kids came to FRS. She had a thick folder of newspaper articles and other legal correspondence concerning her violent ex-husband. While “hiding” in our safe house, she was able to procure a confidential, legal name change for herself and all 3 kids. While waiting to obtain a new social security number, we helped this family celebrate two birthdays, several holidays, transported them to numerous doctor and dental appointments, as well as other miscellaneous places they needed to be. FRS gave her a car and paid for transfer of title, 3 months insurance, emissions test and several other car repairs. We recently helped them relocate to a transitional house and provided donated furniture and a computer.