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Family Renewal Shelter
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24-hour crisis line:
(253) 475-9010
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Fax number:
(253) 475-0848

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The Family Renewal Shelter gave me the open door to a new beginning. I arrived in Washington from a southern state, 12:00 a.m. at Tacoma’s bus station. I didn’t have any more money and I had my four small children with me. I called the Family Renewal Shelter. We were provided transportation, by taxi, to a motel room. This was all done within an hour after the initial call. My family received comfortable shelter, food, and clothing. I communicated our needs and we were helped abundantly. The shelter even blessed us with a car! We have transitioned with great success. The children are doing great in school and I will soon begin an Associate degree program. Thanks to the Family Renewal Shelter.

A few days ago a woman and her 18 year old daughter stopped by to drop off a truckload of women’s clothing from a deceased friend. Since leaving Family Renewal Shelter, mom has had facial reconstructive surgery needed because of her battery. She researched the surgery at our suggestion online using our resource lists. The daughter who was 10 when at Family Renewal Shelter said, “We just wanted to try to help a place that helped us so much when we were in trouble.”

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