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Assessing Whether Batteres Will Kill (continued)

  1. Obsessiveness about partner or family. A man who is obsessive about his female partner, who either idolizes her and feels that he cannot live without her or believes he is entitled to her no matter what because she is his wife, is more likely to be life-endangering.
  2. Centrality of battered woman. If the loss of the battered woman represents or precipitates a total loss of hope for a positive future, a batterer may choose to kill.
  3. Rage. The most life-endangering rage often erupts when a batterer believes the battered woman is leaving him.
  4. Drug or alcohol consumption. Comsumption of drugs or alcohol when in a state of despair or fury can elevate risk of lethality.
  5. Pet abuse. Those batterers who assault and mutilate pets are more likely to kill or maim family members.

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