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PROGRAMS (continued)

Long ago we determined that to truly help domestic violence victims we need to address all the obstacles these families encounter when trying to reestablish a new life and livelihood. Even with the bare essentials of a safe home, household furnishings, transportation, and employment, life for a newly freed victim of domestic violence can often seem overwhelming. The success of our program lies in our ability to provide families of domestic violence with the practical means to safe and independent living, while at the same time offering a long-term commitment to helping them overcome the many mental and emotional challenges they encounter on their journey to healthy independent living.

We offer all the necessities of life including housing, clothing and food but we try to make available additional help that we find can be profoundly beneficial such as: Emergency client contact, victim advocacy and transportation from hospitals. Emergency motel housing, advocacy based counseling as well as services provided to male victims of domestic violence are available.

Three distinct areas for children including large outdoor and indoor play areas and equipment as well as a computer education center is provided. Our computer education and counseling center also allows women to pursue employment, housing, educational and legal opportunities, as well as numerous other resources and services that can help them transition from emergency confidential shelter to safe and independent living situations.

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